Infrastructure Victoria is undertaking the first ever 30-year infrastructure strategy for Victoria.

Our options paper All things considered put forward over 200 ideas for how we could address Victoria’s infrastructure needs in the future and was an important step in development of the 30-year strategy.

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For our full description and preliminary assessment of each option, read the Draft options book.

Consultation now closed

The consultation period for our options paper All things considered has now closed.

We would like to thank all of those who provided feedback on our options, whether it was through a survey, note or formal submission. We have received a large amount of feedback which we will now assess and factor into the development of the 30-year infrastructure strategy.

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We have received over 260 submissions responding to our options paper All things considered.

Discussion question:

What is most important when planning infrastructure for the next 30 years?

What others have said

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26 July, 2016


Infrastructure should have multiple purpose. For example, a road should serve as a drain or channel during extreme storm events

21 July, 2016


Reduce Non-Renewable Energy. Capture and utilise waste water/sewerage for growing biomass crops for energy creation.

21 July, 2016


Commercially decentralise city, encourage larger commercial and residential hubs eg BoxHill, expand PT to these hubs, Skyrail not tunnels.

20 July, 2016


Our city needs bike highways. Full cycle infras will reduce congestion on our roads. Resulting in savings on road infra and improve health

15 July, 2016


Large train line gaps in the outer suburbs can be filled with driverless light rail or buses on main cross-suburbs roads during peak time

14 July, 2016

Brunswick Kid:

Better bicycle infrastructure is needed, especially on North-South routes in the inner north. Currently under maintained and dangerous.

9 July, 2016

Steven williams:

Waiting for a train for 1 hour after the football is not providing a service. then after 1 station told to get off and told to wait again!!!

7 July, 2016

Future focus:

Emissions-free transport: public transport 100% on renewable energy. Faster than car for most trips. Sub 10 min frequencies. Cycle priority.

6 July, 2016


Eastern Freeway East-bound ramps at Burke Rd to ease Bulleen Rd/Chandler Highway exit congestion at peak

5 July, 2016


Public transport availability & connections for all new areas.

4 July, 2016


1. Establish bottles, cans, glasses 10 cents deposit and recycling scheme. 2. Education and encourage on recycling.

1 July, 2016


We need to think longer term & introduce fast bullet trains to save on travel times & ensure we cater for this with current rail upgrades