Infrastructure Victoria has published the reports of its two citizen juries, along with a report of the consultation program for its All things considered options paper.

The juries, one regional and one metropolitan, were each made up of about 40 people randomly selected to consider how best to address Victoria’s infrastructure needs.

The juries met six times over a three month period to consider evidence, hear from experts and deliberate on over 200 options including projects and policy initiatives. Both juries met for the final time on Saturday 30 July and delivered a report of recommendations to Infrastructure Victoria.

Infrastructure Victoria will now consider the recommendations of the juries, along with all other feedback provided through the consultation program as outlined in the report, in the development of the draft strategy.

Read the metropolitan citizen jury report

Read the regional citizen jury report

Read the All things considered consultation report


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We have received over 260 submissions responding to our options paper All things considered.

Discussion question:

What is most important when planning infrastructure for the next 30 years?

What others have said

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25 August, 2016


Powered two and three wheelers would look to be the ultimate urban transport that make good use of existing infrastructure but are ignored.

22 August, 2016

Cassandra :

A lot of congestion on roads occur as a result of inadequate parking for new developments, residents cars are parked on the road.

11 August, 2016


Cycling helmet laws have reduced cycling rates, increasing health burden and danger for remaining cyclists due to loss of SiN effect.

9 August, 2016


Remove adult helmet laws for cycling

8 August, 2016


Separated/CONNECTED infrastructure that provides a safe environment for riders not confident, with a relaxation of mandatory helmet laws

7 August, 2016

Stephen Flood:

You will have to remove the MHL to get people on bikes. Stop pretending bikes are "regular traffic" separate them. Use J.S-K's New York Plan

6 August, 2016


Cycling should be legal on foot parts for all ages when no dedicated cycling infrastructure is available.

6 August, 2016


The MHL stops people cycling .There is no link between helmets and cycling safety. The countries with the safest cycling, don't wear helmets

6 August, 2016


More roads, more freeways, both without tolls, and please more car parking spaces and car parks generally to cope with the extra vehicles.

6 August, 2016


The inclusion of proper bicycle paths, with repeal of mandatory helmet laws, adopting Idaho stop, would make a sustainable modern city.

6 August, 2016


People of Gippsland deserve though service to Melb just like the other country lines. Need 3 or 4 tracks though to Dandenong

5 August, 2016


Build airport rail line as first stage of high speed rail, then staged thru northern regional cities as part of HSR linking VIC, NSW and QLD