Infrastructure Victoria is undertaking the first ever 30-year infrastructure strategy for Victoria.

Our options paper All things considered put forward over 200 ideas for how we could address Victoria’s infrastructure needs in the future and was an important step in development of the 30-year strategy.

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For our full description and preliminary assessment of each option, read the Draft options book.

Consultation now closed

The consultation period for our options paper All things considered has now closed.

We would like to thank all of those who provided feedback on our options, whether it was through a survey, note or formal submission. We have received a large amount of feedback which we will now assess and factor into the development of the 30-year infrastructure strategy.

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A number of people have made formal submissions in response to the All things considered options paper.

Discussion question:

What is most important when planning infrastructure for the next 30 years?

What others have said

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23 June, 2016

Shagun Saini:

Cant have the largest landfill in the world in Victoria in middle of growth corridor and in World's most liveable city. Relocate it now.

21 June, 2016


build #1 waste to energy plant that presorts rubbish into fractions, #2include incinerator for some of these fractions; #3 district energy

20 June, 2016



20 June, 2016


Remove the level crossing at Station/Mount Derri Rd. All western rail link train traffic diverted via this line - gates down for up to 20min

19 June, 2016


Re-open Paisley & Galvin stations to stop the Altona loop madness & vision for current population expansion in the WEST, vision 30yrs plus

19 June, 2016


After the Kennett cuts back in 1996 re-open Paisley Altona loop has to become an isolated rail service to rest of network to stop the madnes

17 June, 2016


Our infrastructure should not be caught up in political debate, and simply handled by professionals for the best outcomes and yes it costs!!

17 June, 2016


The amount of homeless people has skyrocketed something needs to be done for support services that help people at risk.

17 June, 2016

Josh Moss:

Developing and completing projects that are necessary to assist in the needs of an ever growing populas and seeing that these work well.

17 June, 2016

Green world:

Invest in solar/wind energy now, end coal. Subsidise hybrid/electric sales, build east west, airport link, euro fast rail, stronger metro.

17 June, 2016


Diaposable cutlery should be replaced with edible cutlery in take away options. Car pooling to be initiated by local councils by phone app

17 June, 2016

JD :

Pakinham line need an extra track - simple solution to cutdown travel time and to reduce peek congestion due to slow trains in front of you!