Developing the strategy

Infrastructure Victoria took the following steps to develop the strategy:

Goals - consider the economic, social and environmental objectives against which Victoria’s infrastructure needs will be assessed and consult on these objectives.

Current assets and capabilities - assess Victoria’s current infrastructure assets and capabilities.

Infrastructure challenges and opportunities - identify Victoria’s short, medium and long-term infrastructure needs. This will include review of existing agency strategies and plans, population projections, expert reports and economic data.

Options – assess options to meet those needs including future trends, demands and technology changes, demand management and regulatory reform and considering whether to invest in new infrastructure or make better use of existing infrastructure.

Strategy – a draft strategy was published for a final round of public input prior to the release of the final strategy.

30-year infrastructure strategy

Good infrastructure is at the heart of a great state, and good infrastructure doesn’t happen without good planning. The preparation of the 30-year infrastructure strategy was a significant undertaking.

The strategy is the result of a year-long conversation with people from all over Victoria. We have consulted broadly and widely about how to create a future where everyone has good access to jobs, education and services, where industries and businesses thrive and where the environment is valued.

The cornerstones of the strategy are evidence and collaboration and it was developed with a respectful consideration of the work of many government departments and agencies over a number of years.

The final strategy was delivered to parliament on 8 December 2016. Read the strategy.

Draft strategy

The draft 30-year strategy infrastructure strategy for Victoria presented draft recommendations. These should not be confused with the final recommendations, which will be presented to Parliament in December 2016.

The draft strategy was an opportunity to test Infrastructure Victoria’s advice. This includes testing our assumptions, evidence and arguments about the state’s infrastructure needs and priorities over the next 30-years.

Read more about the draft strategy, including submissions made in response to the strategy.

Options paper

In April 2016, we released our options paper All things considered, which presented over 200 options to meet Victoria’s infrastructure needs. The paper sought to start a conversation with stakeholders and the community about the different ways we could address Victoria’s infrastructure challenges now and over the next 30 years.

Read more about the All things considered options paper, including submissions made in response to the paper.

Setting objectives and needs

In February 2016, we released our foundation paper Laying the foundations, which presented a draft framework for Victoria’s first 30-year infrastructure strategy. Its primary purpose was to facilitate discussion on what the strategy should be trying to achieve (the ‘objectives’) and what infrastructure challenges need to be addressed (the ‘needs’).

Read more about the Laying the foundations phase, including submissions made in response to the paper and the We hear you consultation report.