We need to confirm the objectives included in the strategy update to ensure everyone is on the same page with what we’re aiming to achieve. The ten objectives are:

  1. Prepare for population change
  2. Foster healthy, safe and inclusive communities
  3. Reduce disadvantage
  4. Enable workforce participation
  5. Lift productivity
  6. Drive Victoria’s changing, globally integrated economy
  7. Promote sustainable production and consumption
  8. Protect and enhance natural environments
  9. Advance climate change mitigation and adaptation
  10. Build resilience to shocks

We want to know if you agree with the objectives, if there are any that you would change, and what are the most important ones you think the strategy should achieve.

Feedback will be used to shape the objectives included in the 30-year infrastructure strategy update.

We will report back on feedback we receive.

Feedback is open via a simple survey from Tuesday 10 July until COB Friday 3 August. Fill out our survey.

The objectives were developed based on our analysis about the current and possible future state of Victoria’s society, economy and environment, and the performance of its infrastructure. Stakeholder and community feedback also shaped the final objectives.

Infrastructure Victoria initially consulted on the objectives for the 30-year strategy in early 2016 with the Laying the foundations paper. Feedback was sought at the same time on the objectives, infrastructure needs and principles.We received 126 formal submissions, over 500 comments and interactions on our consultation website, and reports from stakeholder workshops.

Overall, we received positive feedback on the objectives and some changes were made based on feedback to make the language more positive and proactive.

Infrastructure Victoria’s work covers nine sectors across Victoria. Currently there are ten objectives and we think this covers the breadth of issues and challenges the strategy should be addressing.

We delivered the first 30-year strategy in December 2016, and we’re required to update it every 3-5 years.

Over the next 18 months, we’ll be reviewing the 30-year strategy and will be undertaking a program of work to inform its update.

We are currently finalising our work program, including stakeholder and community engagement, for the strategy update and will keep you informed as it comes together.

There will be many opportunities to provide feedback as the strategy update progresses.

We will keep you informed as our consultation program comes together.