Infrastructure Victoria has published the report of its community panel on how Victorians pay for the transport network.

The report is available here - Transport network pricing community panel report 2 March 2019

The Panel delivered the report to Infrastructure Victoria after meeting and deliberating for two Saturdays to answer the question: Under what conditions, if any, would the community accept a change in the way Victorians pay for roads and public transport?

Infrastructure Victoria will now consider the recommendations of the panel as it continues research on transport network pricing.

Infrastructure Victoria sincerely thanks all the panel members who have given up their time to make a valuable contribution about how the state’s infrastructure is managed.

About the panel

The panel was made up of 38 people who were independently recruited through a process that combined random selection and stratification to ensure it is comprised of a cross section of the community. The panel met for full day sessions on 23 February and 2 March before providing a report of recommendations to Infrastructure Victoria.

The report consists of eight conditions, including a description and rationale of each condition. The report also includes a series of minority reports, which did not make the final list of conditions but that the panel wanted to include.