Infrastructure Victoria has consulted throughout the development of this advice to ensure stakeholders and the community had a chance to put forward their views.

Through two phases of consultation, and a rolling program of engagement, we heard views from a broad range of stakeholders and the community. While views on some topics differed, we consistently heard that people appreciated the openness of the process and the opportunity to be involved.

Through a range of consultation activities, we heard the views of:

  • local government
  • port operations and management
  • logistics and freight organisations
  • education, research and policy organisations
  • planning and economic development organisations
  • environmental conservation and protection organisations
  • Victorian Government departments and authorities
  • local and interested residents.

Through our program, Infrastructure Victoria received substantial feedback on:

  • the key factors necessary for deciding when a second port will be needed, where it should be located, and what should drive these decisions
  • the evidence base underpinning the development of the advice to government, including technical studies.

Feedback received has helped us to test or confirm our work, understand matters of importance for stakeholders and local communities, and shape our program of technical studies.

To find out more read the submissions we received on the evidence base or the consultation reports in our document library.