Evidence base

Infrastructure Victoria’s advice on when we might need a new port and where it should be located is based on the best available evidence. We used new data and technical analysis to compare all the options. We compared the cost of increasing capacity at the Port of Melbourne against the cost of building a second port at either Bay West or Hastings. We also looked at the economic, environmental, social and amenity impacts at all three locations. Consultation with industry, stakeholders and the community also helped to shape our advice.

There were a number of factors that were critical to our advice on when to invest in new capacity and where. These are:

  • Ship size: what size ships are likely to want to visit Australia, what is the biggest ship that can access the Port Phillip Heads, and how much we value being able to accept an unrestricted ship size
  • Cost of complementary infrastructure: the capital and operating cost of the complementary transport infrastructure to support each port
  • Environmental and social impacts: the impact expanding the Port of Melbourne or developing a new port would have on significant environmental and social values, and what that means for the difficulty of securing environmental approvals.

See our document library for evidence we have gathered on these factors and other considerations including trade and container demand forecasts.