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Final advice

Infrastructure Victoria published its advice to government in October 2018.

Our advice and 17 key recommendations seek to help Victoria navigate through the inherent challenges and uncertainties that new technology brings, while maximising the benefits and minimising the risks associated with its introduction.

Our advice indicates that while Victoria is well placed for the roll out of new vehicles, significant investment will be required to fully maximise their potential. This includes:

  • Up to to $1.7 billion to upgrade mobile networks
  • Around $250 million for improved line markings on roads
  • At least $2.2 billion for energy network upgrades
  • While significant, these investments should be viewed in the context of the potential benefits of automated and zero emissions vehicles.

    Click here to download the report.

    There are many other recommendations where government can take action right now to get Victoria ready for new vehicle technologies. These include integrating on-demand and mobility as a service offerings into the public transport mix, sharing transport data in real time and allowing flexibility in the planning regime to make it easier for people to charge their electric vehicles. All could have an immediate impact and deliver benefits, regardless of how new vehicle technologies roll out.

    Evidence base

    The evidence base that informed our advice to government, including a suite of technical reports and analysis and an overarching Evidence base report that discusses the results, was published in August 2018.

    The evidence base looked at what the benefits and impacts to Victoria could be from automated and zero emissions vehicles, based on the future scenarios we defined earlier this year. Our research looked at ten different topic areas, including energy, transport and land use modelling, ICT and finance.

    The full suite of reports are available to download from the Document Library.

    Stakeholder submissions were made throughout August 2018, and can be downloaded from the submissions page.

    What is this advice?

    Infrastructure Victoria led a groundbreaking project to provide advice on how the state can best prepare for the vehicles of the future, using an evidence-based approach to form clear and practical recommendations.

    That advice was delivered in October 2018.

    To read more about the advice request, as well as the terms of reference, visit the Infrastructure Victoria website.