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Infrastructure Victoria has developed a report outlining seven possible futures for the introduction of driverless and zero emissions vehicles to the state. This report marks an important step in responding to government’s request for advice on what infrastructure would be required to support autonomous and zero emissions vehicles in Victoria.

We have also released a consultation report from our first phase of engagement. The report summarises what we did and heard in consultation, and how the feedback has been used. We would like to thank all those companies, industry groups, academic institutions and other stakeholders who contributed their expertise and input to help us shape our program of work.

For more information, read the future scenarios report, the consultation summary, or visit the Infrastructure Victoria website to view our short video and learn more about our advice.

What is this advice?

Infrastructure Victoria is pleased to be leading a groundbreaking new report on how the state can best prepare for the vehicles of the future, using an evidence-based approach to form clear and practical recommendations.

The Victorian Government has asked Infrastructure Victoria to consult with industry and stakeholders, and to conduct research and analysis into what infrastructure the state needs to enable automated (self-driving) vehicles and zero emission vehicles. Infrastructure Victoria has also been asked to deliver advice on the potential timing and implications of these infrastructure changes.

How are we going to do it?

The advice will be delivered in two parts. In May 2018, we released a report from the first phase which outlines a number of potential future scenarios. We will use these scenarios to understand how different developments and decisions about automated and zero emissions vehicles could impact the state’s future.

In October, we will deliver Infrastructure Victoria’s advice to the Special Minister of State. This advice will set out the decisions that we recommend need to be made to prepare for the introduction of automated and zero emission vehicles in Victoria. Where decisions cannot be made until there is greater certainty about key variables, such as technology changes, we will suggest what the triggers are for these decisions.

Infrastructure Victoria will consult with stakeholders and industry throughout the development of the advice.

To read more about the advice request, as well as the terms of reference, visit the Infrastructure Victoria website.